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Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve yours. WFP Coaching ofers personalized coaching and customized training programs for aspiring cyclists of all levels.

From MTB, Road and Cyclocross, we focus on quality and maximizing your time. We progressively work on all of the following training and competition elements… The training program/pattern, strength training, nutrition, mental game, on bike skills, tactics, recovery and of course how it is all implemented and weaved together.

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I have only been racing competitively for a few years and this year I was coached by Adam.  Being a young female athlete and new to racing Adam has helped me learn to train, developed my riding ability and improved my physical conditioning.  He has also been a great mentor when teaching me all aspects of racing.  I was involved in a serious bike crash mid season and Adam was able to help my recovery both mentally and physically with his knowledge and resources. One of the things I like most about Adam is that he keeps it fun! I have had a wonderful year with multiple podiums at the Provincial and National level, with many thanks to Adam.

− Samantha Fuller, Pontypool, Ontario

We are parents of a young female athlete who is progressing in the sport of Mountain Biking and Cyclo Cross.  As our Daughter's skill level was increasing we needed to obtain a coach for her outside of the family to provide further coaching and mentoring. When we reached out to Adam we were immediately impressed with his knowledge, and his personalized training programs especially for a young female athlete.  As we got to know Adam more, and see his interaction with our daughter it provided a sense of comfort as he is truly motivational and inspires the best from our Daughter and cares about his athletes.  As the season progressed our Daughter was met with adversity in a serious bike crash.  With Adams knowledge and support systems we were immediately on the road to recovery, and within a two week period from the crash (where our daughter could not walk up stairs due to pain) our Daughter was able to podium at a Canada Cup race, and at the Nationals despite not being fully recovered from the crash.  With Adam on board our team (our family and our Daughter) we know we are providing Samantha with every opportunity to be successful in the sports she loves so much!

− Rob and Jackie Fuller, Pontypool, Ontario

Since 2009 I have went from top 40 in the world, to standing on the World Cup podium (currently ranked 4th in the World). WFP has taken my performance to a complete new level and fast tracked my development as a Professional World Cup athlete. Every step of the way, Adam has been there for me with the demanding needs of being a professional athlete. Adams incredible amount of knowledge, his eagerness to learn and constantly pushing boundaries of modern day training strategies is what has got me this far and will help me accomplish my biggest goals of all. Our goals are 100% aligned, and I know this is exactly what it takes to reach the Olympic gold medal and World Champion Jersey!

− Emily Batty, Whitby Ontario, Canada

After taking a 15 year break from professional cycling, Adam Morka and Wired For Performance has been an unbelievable asset to my outlook as an athlete. Time management, diet, physical and mental efficiency has been taken to an all new level!

− Rich Weis, Tucson Arizona, USA

Working with Adam and Wired for Performance has been fantastic! He is passionate about learning everything there is to know about training, and it shows with all the information and knowledge that he is able to offer to you, as his client. What really sets him apart though, is that he makes you feel like you are the only person he is coaching – everything is personalized and he is always eager to answer all the training/racing/nutrition questions you come up with. Thanks WFP!

− Shane Johnson, Redmond Oregon, USA

Adam has demonstrated that he is capable of producing and taking an athlete to the next level.  A few years ago I started working with Wired For Performance and I saw several percent gains in fitness every year.  Adam helped me focus on my weaknesses so I could improve all around while also providing a great knowledge in nutrition, flexibility and mentality.  I owe a great thanks to Adam and where he helped me take my Cycling career.

− Mark Batty, Whitby Ontario, Canada

Adam has worked incredibly hard to design a program that fits my busy schedule. He has found a way to help me balance School, Work, Marriage, and Training to greatly improve my overall fitness. With his nutritional advice, strength training workouts, and overall energy, Adam has not only made me faster, but he has made me a more focused, confident and dedicated athlete. My investment in WFP Coaching has been infinitely more valuable than a new piece of technology or kit, and I would recommend his services to anyone, from Recreational Racers to Elite Athletes.

− Aaron Check, Brandon MB, Canada

With a family and a demanding work schedule Adam created a program to get the most out of my training time. Adam is a very smart personable coach who cares about his athletes and their goal. I highly recommend him.

− Randy Sooter, Tucson Arizona, USA

I have known Adam for many years and have always been impressed with his desire to continually improve his fitness and his knowledge.  He has been a consultant for me over the last few years with both my training and nutritional choices, and the results of his input can be seen in my multiple Provincial Championship and National championship titles.  Adam is a very easy person to talk to and makes every effort to adapt your training and goals to the restrictions and commitments in life.  His training is based on current methods, personal testing and proven programs.  I would recommend Wired for Performance to anyone looking who wants to make the most of their training and reach their goals.

− Jon Barnes, Whitby, Ontario